QuickSo is a solution-oriented application designed for construction companies to solve management and communications related problems through digital platforms.

QuickSO facilitates access to the vital project documents from any place at any point of time through its cloud storage. The developer can fetch details about finances, the feasibility of projects, and broker communications at the click of a button.

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QuickSO assists project consultants to acquire real-time updates related to any of their Segment/Domain/Section/ Zone.

Contractors can easily maintain the stock levels and avoid any under/over-stock situation by using the QuickSO. The worker details, their activity log, the scope of work, attendance & leave records can be accessed without wasting time.

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QuickSO is the optimal solution for managing the entire life cycle of projects from inception to completion.

QuickSO is beneficial to Project Managers as it aids them in monitoring project progress, tracking the allocation of resources, creation of their own database, developing individual work schedules, and reporting systems. Real-time updates at your fingertips, serve as an advantage for Project Managers.

A centralized hub of task management that helps to execute daily activities easily & effectively.

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