"We had four ongoing construction projects going on in different parts of the city. The whole day would be spent in stressful calls and asking for information from different people for one single issue which resulted in neglecting major financial issues of the company. We were then introduced to QuickSO which helped me get all the information of all projects by a single click on my mobile phone which resulted in faster decisions and better time management."

- Mr. Mayank

Managing Director Adira Project Management Firm, Indore

"There were two on going constructions in the same vicinity, a tough competition for sales between them, but soon we adopted for QuickSO, a CRM which had a personalized approach towards building relations, giving a better after Sales service, where the Clients could track the progress of the work, managed their payments and built the trust due to the systematic work flow of the Company, which resulted in increasing the Brand Value of the Company, indirectly helping better Sales results."

- Pavan Vashishth

Operations Manager New India Builders Pvt Ltd

“Previously, we never understood the reasons for the delays which highly impacted on the financial feasibility of the project, the loopholes were never understood in time, but after QuickSO, we could track the Schedule and tasks allocated to all the collaborators in the project in realtime, we are able to detect the reasons to delay soon which is quickly acted upon avoiding heavy financial losses.”

- Mr. Karam Khan

Managing Director Karam Infra Pvt. Ltd.

"With the help of detailed daily reports, real time site photographs and RFI's from the workforce we are able to track the productivity of the team and progress of the project. Able to track the requirement generated, the purchases, stock available and usage of material efficiently, we have controlled the expenses and wastage. Workforce, material and money are managed well in the life cycle of the Project, we ended up saving a lot of Neglect costs and Energy.”

- Mr. Anant Jain