The construction industry is the second largest sector in India. This industry supports 250 Ancillary industries hence making the Real Estate sector one of the biggest employers. The industry is on a roller coaster ride since 2017, undergoing rapid changes and sailing through demonetization, RERA act, GST implementations, NBFC crisis, and now the pandemic of COVID 19.

The foundations of this industry are strong to sustain all the storms and face it with a stronger plan. The industry is going through major changes in the working patterns and working towards great efficiency. With that, currently, Safety is everyone’s primary concern.

With some thoughtful strategies, everyone can reinforce their companies to emerge from the crisis with a more solid foundation. These strategies are based on the evaluation of the Renowned Real Estate Development Companies.

As quoted by Napoleon Hill, " Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."


The task of spreading awareness and upskilling everyone has a major contribution in uplifting the project’s performance. Encourage them for upgrading their skillset through various online courses. Train them for upgrading their digitalization skills for a smooth shift to the new working.

Safety-oriented training sessions, briefing the employees about the need for protective essentials & precautions that need to followed to keep themselves safe from the hygienic point of view. Educating the workers to adjust and work proficiently with the new normal like disinfecting every equipment daily & disposing of the used masks, gloves at a proper place, can be done by displaying informative posters at every corner on the worksite. Try to maintain a positive & healthy environment at your working place to keep your employees morally strong & optimistic.

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