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A tool with a set of varying features, specifically designed to cater to all the needful & unique tasks of the organization. It helps you to manage all the tasks of your constructional projects from beginning to end using the thoughtfully designed integrated software. It develops a perfect connection between the office team & field to transform your company's performance. This cloud-based construction software comes up with enhanced intelligence & fluidity to optimize the planning processes & implementation of your construction project. 

Why Use QuickSO ?

How QuickSO helps people at Chief Level Positions


Manage & monitor the entire project by accurately tracking the finances & everyday progress

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Schedule & monitor the on-site tasks & finish them in time to gain more trust & confidence of your client.

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Project Manager

Keep a record of your resources to encourage trouble-free completion of processes.

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QuickSO Features

Manage your projects from beginning to end using a web-based mobile app, designed with the construction process in mind.

Inventory Management

The inventory analysis promotes the prompt delivery of right material at the right time to match the construction work schedule accurately.

Project Management

Manage your ongoing construction projects from beginning to end using integrated software, which is designed by keeping the role of project managers in mind.

Sales & Purchase

Experience a well-integrated CRM technology that manages your sales & marketing processes to optimize the productivity of the organization financially.

Consultant & Vendor

Handle the complex part of collaboration & coordination with all the ancillary activities for the smooth execution of your project.

Resource Allocation Planning

A good resource planning increases the power to analyze the impact of delivering projects which allows you to manage your customer’s expectations promptly.

HR Operations

Experience easier & well-managed operations for the smooth functioning and cordial relationships with all the employees that promote streamline running of the organization.

Finance & Accounts

Track and manage all your cash flows effectively with a single click, for on-time and in-budget completion of your project.

Project Calendar, Communication

A secured network that helps to stay connected with everyone, to complete the necessary site requirements, which promote effortless working every time.

Reports With Advanced Analytics

Access every detail of your construction project to analyze the daily progress & estimated completion date to take immediate necessary actions.

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